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dedicate fixed wireless internet service

For customers in need of dedicated point-to-point internet connections, Time Net provides reliable and secure solutions. Dedicated point-to-point internet ensures that the entire bandwidth is exclusively allocated to a single client, offering enhanced performance, consistent speeds, and increased data privacy. This service is particularly suitable for businesses with high data traffic demands, such as large enterprises, financial institutions, and research facilities. Time Net leverages advanced technologies and robust infrastructure to establish dedicated connections that meet the specific needs of each client.

shared fixed wireless internet service

In addition to dedicated solutions, Time Net also offers shared point-to-point internet services. Shared connections allow multiple clients to utilize the same point-to-point link, sharing the available bandwidth. This option is often preferred by small to medium-sized businesses that require cost-effective solutions without compromising on reliability or performance. Time Net ensures efficient sharing of resources while maintaining strict quality of service standards, guaranteeing that each client receives a fair and satisfactory internet experience.


Whether customers choose dedicated or shared point-to-point internet services, Time Net delivers exceptional performance, minimal latency, and reliable connectivity. Their team of experts designs, implements, and manages the connections, ensuring seamless integration with existing networks and providing proactive support to address any issues that may arise. Time Net's commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with their robust infrastructure, makes them a trusted provider of point-to-point internet services for businesses of all sizes.

Fiber optic like tier one

TimeNet specializes in delivering premium fiber optic services comparable to Tier One connectivity. By leveraging advanced fiber optic technology, TimeNet ensures fast, reliable, and secure internet connections for businesses. Their fiber optic infrastructure offers exceptional performance, low latency, and robust reliability, making it an ideal choice for organizations that require high-speed data transmission, seamless communication, and secure connectivity. With TimeNet's fiber optic services, businesses can experience the benefits of Tier One-like connectivity, enabling them to meet their evolving digital demands with confidence.

LTE sim card provisioning

TimeNet offers LTE SIM card provisioning services to provide businesses and individuals with reliable and seamless connectivity. With TimeNet's LTE SIM cards, users can enjoy high-speed internet access, voice communication, and data services on their mobile devices. These SIM cards are provisioned with advanced LTE technology, ensuring fast and stable connections, even in areas with limited coverage. TimeNet's LTE SIM card provisioning services cater to diverse needs, ranging from individual users seeking reliable internet to businesses requiring connectivity solutions for remote teams, and IoT devices. With TimeNet's expertise in LTE provisioning, users can stay connected and productive wherever they go.

VSAT internet shared and dedicated

TimeNet specializes in providing VSAT internet services, offering both shared and dedicated options to meet the diverse connectivity needs of businesses and individuals. With shared VSAT internet, multiple users can efficiently share the same satellite connection, making it an affordable choice for small to medium-sized businesses and remote locations. On the other hand, TimeNet's dedicated VSAT services provide exclusive access to satellite bandwidth, ensuring maximum control, performance, and security for businesses with higher data demands or critical operations. Whether shared or dedicated, TimeNet's VSAT internet services deliver reliable, high-speed connectivity tailored to each client's specific requirements.

public IP implementation

TimeNet offers professional public IP implementation services to businesses and individuals, enabling them to establish a secure and reliable online presence. With TimeNet's expertise, clients can acquire and configure public IP addresses that are unique and accessible from the internet. This implementation ensures seamless connectivity, allowing businesses to host websites, run online applications, and provide remote access to their networks. TimeNet's public IP implementation services ensure efficient routing, network security, and optimal performance, empowering clients to establish a strong digital presence



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